Hispanic Culture In America

1st Generation Hispanics are closely in tune with their culture. Whether they are from Mexico or El Salvador, they live in the U.S. but their hearts and their minds are still back home in their native country.

Hispanic Culture

That is why in America there are so many languages being spoken. There is also more and more exposure to flags of other countries.

The reason behind this is the First Generation mindset of not letting go of the inner culture. A first Generation Hispanic will talk openly about where they came from and how they like to visit their native land from time to time. Once they settle, 1st Generation Hispanics will settle for life and live in the same home or city for the rest of their lives.

A 3rd Generation Hispanic will not be as in tune with their parents or grandparents native country. The reason is because the more assimilated they are in American culture, the more they embrace it. When Hispanics embrace and live within a certain culture, they shy away from their native culture. They may still want to be a part of Hispanic functions but they will not speak the native language, they will speak English because that is the way they learn and think in the U.S. public school system.

The Hispanic Culture is still appealing to Third Generation Hispanics but not as much as 1st and 2nd. Third Generation Hispanics are living in better upscale residential areas then the way they were raised. 3rd Generation Hispanics will move often and change jobs, even if it means moving far away from parents and immediate family.




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