7 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 2022

Hispanic Heritage Month starts this week. It is celebrated every year from September 15th until October 15th, providing a space to honor, remember, and celebrate the rich histories, personalities, and traditions of Hispanic/Latino/Latinx communities. What began as a week-long observation in 1968 turned into a full-fledged month of celebration two decades later, in 1988, and was solidified into law that same year. Though the core spirit of Hispanic Heritage Month remains constant, each year has a different theme.

This the list of themes and posters that can help you to celebrate the hispanic Heritage month 2022 : https://www.hispanicmonth.net/product-category/posters/

So how can you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in 2022?  We have put together a list of 7  ways so that you can prepare for a truly meaningful month ahead.

1. Knowledge is power.

Visit the Hispanic Heritage Month Category for resources on Hispanic American history. Their catalogs include a great wealth of resources, organized by theme. You can find archival material related to sports, entertainment, prominent leaders, land disputes, and more.

2. Read a book by a Latinx author.

You can find one in any genre! We like The Prince of los Cocuyos, an explorative memoir of an openly gay poet who grew up in Miami in a family of Cuban immigrants.

You Can find more books here : Top 13 Books to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 2022

3. Watch a Latinx film

It can be a documentary, a thriller, a romance, or anything else that sparks your interest. There are some phenomenal actors, directors, and producers that most of us have never heard about! Here is a list to get you started.

4. Do An Office Charity And Make A Donation To Hispanic/LatinX Focused Causes.

There are tons of ways to rally people around making a donation. For example, you can do a 50/50 raffle or help people clean up their closet by doing an in-office or on-campus clothing drive.


You can Donate on our Website too : https://www.hispanicmonth.net/donation/

5.Visit a museum

You can Visit a museum specializing in Hispanic American culture, or find a particular exhibit being run in honor of this month. You can find a comprehensive list of museums, organized by region, here.

6. Aprende A Hablar Español – Learn To Speak Spanish.

Dedicate a word a day, send it out via email, post it in your office entrance, find fun way’s to incorporate the word throughout the day.

7. Host An Event And Invite Up And Coming Latinx Talent.

Connect your team members with emerging talent (hey, pipeline!) while giving them a chance to be ambassadors for your employer brand, thought leaders, and mentors.


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