Latino Baby Names – Discover Powerful, Meaningful, Melodic Names – Which Will You Choose?

Latino baby names are everywhere now, and you only have to look at some of the more popular baby name lists to know that the whole world loves them! Latino names are some of the most beautiful names from which to choose, and they are certainly pleasing to the ear. Is it any wonder that many parents love to give their children names from the Latino culture?

It’s important to know what we mean when we are talking about Latino names. “Latino” is a word that refers to those who are of Spanish-speaking or Latin American heritage. Outside of the United States, you probably wouldn’t hear the word “Latino” – you would hear a more direct ethnicity, such as Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, and so forth. So it’s safe to say that a Latino baby name could have many meanings, depending on the country of origin and the history of that particular family.

One of the most common forms of naming for Latino children is the addition of a suffix to the father’s name. For instance, “Fernandez” means “son of Fernando” – the vowel at the end of the father’s name is dropped and the suffix is added to create a new name for the little one. Maiden names often wind up as middle names, with the addition of “de” before the husband’s name to indicate “the wife of”. Those maiden names can then be carried over to other generations, carrying forward a mother’s name through the names of her offspring.

The most common Latino name for a baby girl is “Angel”. Lovely, isn’t it? The most common meaning of Angel is “one who protects”. The most common Latino name for a baby boy is “Jose”. The name Jose typically translates to “God”. It also means “may God increase”. Therefore, the two most common Latino names are also two of the most spiritual names out there!

Latino names for boys

Other popular Latino baby boy names include Juan, as well as Carlos, Diego and Xavier. Sophia, Maria, Isabel and Adriana round out the list for the girls. Latino names focus on the unusual places and things aspect as well, with names like Jacinto, which means “hyacinth” and Javiero, which means “born in January”. Some of the more unusual Latino names include Montrel, meaning “mountain”, and Cordero, which means “sheep”.

There are also many famous Latino names. Emilio Estevez is a very popular name. Another one you might recognize is Desi Arnaz, of “I Love Lucy” fame. Musician and actress Jennifer Lopez has a famous Latino name, and her husband, Marc Anthony, is widely recognized.

Giving your child a Latino baby name is a decision that will make your child proud of his or her heritage. Their name will encourage them to find out more about where they are from and what their ancestors were like. Giving a powerful Latino name to your child is giving them the gift that lasts forever.


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