Latino Facts And Education

Latino’s in America are the fastest significant population of students. 1986 to 1995, Latino’s have dramatically increased in percentage in Elementary and Secondary. White American has decreased, while the majority of black students remained the same in percentage.

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Latino’s are improving their status of Education over the decades. Between White American and Latino’s approximately the range is about the same.

Whites and Blacks enroll to pre-primary programs more so then Latino’s. They are less likely to enroll their children in pre-primary programs. In 1996 one in five Latino’s (22.1%) was enrolled to a pre-primary program compared to (58.8%) of whites and (67.8%) out of ten blacks. In 1986 four years old were less than half (45.3%) of Latino’s enrolled in a pre-primary program, among five years old that enrolled at 90.4% in a kindergarten program.

Although Latino have increased in educational programs they tend to surpass their gifted talents of overall enrollments (1994 Latino’s reached 12.7%) Latino’s do account for 80.2% talented and gifted population. About 9-11 years of age in later years of education Latino’s are more likely to be retained in grade, more so then White, less likely than Blacks. Latino’s from 15-17 years of age are more likely to be below modal grade than Blacks or Whites.

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In the past two decades Latino’s increased enrollment population in predominantly minorities Schools. (Increased by 68.1 to 74.0% from 1980-95) They are less likely to graduate school due to isolation compared to Blacks and Whites among 16-24 years of age. In 1996 the status dropout rate was 29.4% more than Blacks and Whites.

Furthermore they were less likely to enroll in a college program and less likely to obtain a degree. In 1997 among 25-29 years old who have completed high school (53.9%) more likely than Blacks.

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Now in 1998-99 adult population increased in graduating from high school at the age of 25 and over at 56.1% of Latino’s. A current survey of Latino population and education states Population growth and economic condition means that demand for higher education is strong. In 2000 minorities in the state of Florida and public schools alone is at 46.7% poll of students landing in 8th place nationwide with the most minority students. Colleges came in at 37.5%, Adults with high school or G.E.D 63.3 Latino’s, employment increases in Florida from 1991-2001 (17.8%) 1.3million. Latino Bachelor degrees awarded to 14.0% in 2000 Florida state. Latino’s in College increased at 21.0% in Florida.

Since 2000 Latino education is quickly increasing and has become an important factor for many nationwide.

Regardless of race, color, ethnicity or gender we all deserve a good educational program for a better future. Also minority students are needed to maintain diverse student population. In most recent class 2002-03 minorities comprise of 37.3% all new students and 23.8% of all new graduate students in Florida. In 2004 we have generated a bigger population of Latino’s in Florida wanting and needing higher education. Now starting a New Year Latino’s need to continue to excel in higher education program, therefore continue to research on growing. If you have a dream follow it, for anything is possible with acquired time.


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